About Us

Now serving the San Francisco Bay area, greater San Diego, Sacramento, Seattle, and Portland areas. Please email for information regarding expansion in your area!

A message from our CEO: 


Throughout my years as a wastewater consultant, I spent my time solving wastewater problems high in contaminants similar to that of brewery and distillery waste. During this time, I noticed that there was a hole in the market of water sustainability and reuse. Smaller companies, such as craft breweries, were unable to save money via sustainability due to the high financial and real estate demand of wastewater reclamation processes. This is when I took my wastewater solutions to an underserved market and created a system that can be customized to each customer’s specific needs while cutting out unforeseen municipal fines, as well as the need to apply for city permits all while cutting down on water usage. 

Thank you for joining us in our mission to create sustainable communities across the globe.


Katie Swanson

Founder and Chief Executive Officer

What do we love about craft breweries?

We love supporting our local economy and our friends within the community! Not only does this improve our local culture, it improves our local environment.

But what if we can do more…?

We can! There’s a way for these local businesses and breweries to make a stronger environmental impact through sustainability and water responsibility! That’s where Swanson Waters LLC comes in. Our company provides spatially and financially conservative solutions to the complicated burden of brewery wastewater. Our products not only reduce the flow of wastewater, but also normalize the water, making disposal cheap and easy!